Why not join us on Tekkit? Click on "Help" above to see how you can.
Join us on TeamSpeak
Server Settings
Address: ts.gigime.co.uk

Dont have TeamSpeak?
  1. Go to the download page
  2. You are looking to download the "Client". If you are not sure on 32bit/64bit, just get 32 bit.
  3. Read the End User License Agreement and check "I agree" and submit.
  4. You can now do the survey or alternativly click "No thanks, take me to the download".

Not sure on setup?
Click here to watch a video

OR: Go to Settings -> Setup Wizard
(For setting up speakers/microphone)
Join us on Minecraft
Server Settings
Address: mc.gigime.co.uk

Dont have Tekkit Lite?
  1. First you'll need to download the Technic Launcher.
    Linux/JAR File
  2. Now run what you have downloaded and you'll be greeted by the Technic Launcher screen.
  3. First, make sure in the top left (Will currently be an empty box) you have "Tekkit Lite" selected. To do this, click on the box, then click on the "Tekkit Lite" image/option.
  4. Now enter your Minecraft username and password into the bottom right and click "Login".
  5. You will now need to wait while the client downloads all the required files.
  6. Once the game is running, click on Multiplaye->Add Server
  7. Now enter a server name of your choice. (Such as "GigiME Server").
  8. As the server address, enter: mc.gigime.co.uk
  9. Now hit "Done" and you will now see the server listed. Make sure it's selected and then click "Join Server".
  10. That's it! From now on, you can just login and the server will appear.

Not sure on setup?
Click here to watch a video
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